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Klondike Gold In The Yukon

Yukon gold panning, in the Klondike area

The old gold claim

First of all it me apologize for not writing any sooner.  I started this site with the best of intentions, but you know how that works.

Anyway with the apologies over I will continue.  I found a really neat article by a guy who has been backpacking around the world.  He's from the flat part of Canada, and when he returned to the old country (Canada) he realized he hadn't seen much of Canada.

So he put his pack back on and headed for the Yukon.  As I write this is in the Klondike and learning to pan for gold.

I am not going to say anything more about it, just putting in a link so you can have a look for yourself.

Here is the link.

There is also a real good article there for you junkfood fans.  I loved that some of my favorite foods were there.

Thanks for looking, Del